Springing into Beginnings: Spring Equinox Celebration

Celebrate the turning of the season through games, activities, and outdoor explorations that connect us to our ancient roots. Join Baltimore Woods staff as we spring into new beginnings with a morning at the Woods!

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Winter Wilderness Skills

Prepare for your next winter adventure by learning the essential wilderness skills to keep you warm and safe when the weather turns cold. We will have demonstrations and discussion of survival skills, both primitive and modern, including fire making, gear and shelters. We will also cover topics like survival priorities and what to do if [...]

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Winter Wild Adventures

Join us on a grand winter adventure for the whole family! Experience games and fun challenges where you'll learn and practice basic winter survival skills from fire and shelter building to winter navigation and tracking. Through a little collaboration with each other and with nature, you'll acquire some handy skills to survive the winter. Please dress [...]

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In Search of Weird Winter

Plants and animals meet the challenges of winter in some surprisingly weird ways. Let's take a spin around the Valley Trail in search of winter spiders, stoneflies, and small mammals to discover how embracing weird solutions can be quite wonderful. Register for In Search of Weird Winter! More details:  Please dress for the weather. Snowshoes [...]

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Whimsical World of Winter: Nature Art

Ever seen fantastic animals in mounds of snow, sparkling colors in illuminated icicles, or dizzying designs in fallen tree branches? Winter landscapes are the perfect medium for bringing our imaginations to life. Get in touch with your creative side and become a nature artist! In this program, we’ll go on a hike and use the [...]

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Little Lichen Love Stories

Lichens are commonly seen yet poorly understood, beautiful yet bewildering love stories between two (or more) entirely different living things. These tiny creatures can be found year-round, and are far more complex, vital, and tough than meets the eye. On this guided walk, we will explore the bizarre, delightful micro-world of lichen interactions and the places [...]

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Combat Winter Blues with Houseplants

Houseplants help brighten up our homes on even the darkest of winter days. Join us as we learn about different types of plants that do well in a home along with tips on how to keep them thriving. We’ll also practice the process of creating new plants using leaf propagation and participants will get to take [...]

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Fearless Fluffy Flocks: How Birds Survive in Winter

Have you ever wondered how birds survive the cold winters here in Central New York? Join us for a stroll around Baltimore Woods where we’ll learn about the incredible behavioral and physiological adaptations that help our feathered friends to live in the cold. We’ll also talk about the complex social structures that help birds work together to find [...]

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