Volunteering with Baltimore Woods Nature Center

The vibrant community of volunteers at The Woods is a group of individuals who share similar interests and a passion for environmental stewardship and education. Whether it be contributing to the health of our natural world through maintaining the land, or being a friendly, helpful face around the Interpretive Center, each volunteer is essential to keeping our organization running smoothly.

Why Volunteer with us?

Mona volunteering at the front desk

At Baltimore Woods, our volunteers are essential for our organization to function and meet its mission of conservation and place based nature education in CNY. All volunteers are able to contribute their personal skills and talents to better The Woods each day, while channeling their energy into positive pursuits, of which there are many! Volunteers often gather for trainings or special projects related to ongoing research on the preserve, and to learn more about their passions, including birding, local foods, and forest ecology! Join us in appreciation at a volunteer lunch once a month.

If you are interested in volunteering your time with us at The Woods, please email Sue Jones with your contact information and interests.

Amy Akin, a volunteer from Lockheed Corp, helping our Nature in the City staff with the Stream Exploration Program

What are you interested in?

Maintenance includes: Lawn mowing, Trail Work, Snow Removal, Gardening, Woodworking and Invasive Species Removal. Land management projects are usually tasked to our A-Team, which meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am, at Baltimore Woods. If you’re available at this time and want to learn more, click here!

Office volunteer opportunities include: Reception, Mailings, Data Entry, Desktop Publishing, Editing, Typing, Bookkeeping and Phone Calls. At the front desk, it is also your responsibility to greet incoming guests, and assist them if needed.

Program/Events opportunities include: Baker, Food Prep, Setup/Cleanup, Parking and Local Foods. Each month, we hold a volunteer lunch at Baltimore Woods, to show how much we appreciate all of their hard work! Also, we hold annual community dinners, to show our appreciation for those that support us and our mission.

The skills opportunities are intended for people with specific skill sets that would like to donate their talents to The Woods. The opportunities include, (but are not limited to!): Electrical Work, Carpentry, Horticulture, Art Gallery and Education. If you feel you have a skill set to offer The Woods, and would like to donate your time, contact sue@baltimorewoods.org!

Baltimore Woods runs on volunteer steam, and the donation of your time to help our organization run smoothly is always appreciated! If you don’t have spare time to donate, then see if there is a match for you on our wishlist, or donate online!