Currently in the Gallery

Artwork by an eleventh grader at
Onondaga Junior Senior High School

Artwork by a kindergartener
at Auburn Elementary

2022 Student Art Exhibit

A variety of nature-inspired pieces of art
created by students from
surrounding local school districts

April 30 – June 3 

Available for viewing Saturdays, 10am-4pm
Call for availability Monday – Friday

About the Show

From Kindergarten through high school levels, students from local school districts
have connected nature to art in a variety of mixed-media, nature-inspired works of art.

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Upcoming in the Gallery

Stay tuned for information on our upcoming art shows!

Previously in the Gallery

photograph by Chris Murray Silver Lake Mountain

Meditations on Winter
by Chris Murray

Photograph by Dean Kolts of Coral Fungus and Goldthread

Nature’s Magic
by Dean Kolts and Lisa Davis

pen and ink drawings by artists Marlene Roeder and Amy Cunningham

Unique Perspectives
by Marlene Roeder and
Amy Cunningham-Waltz

Drawing on Talent
Members Art Exhibit

Divergent Paths
Millie Schmidt