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"Entering Light" pastel art piece by Robin McCondichie

Entering Light by Robin McCondichie

Nature in Pastel

An exhibit to celebrate the beauty
of the Finger Lakes area
By Robin McCondichie

September 8 – October 27

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Upcoming in the Gallery

2022 Drawing on Talent Members Art Exhibit

November 5 – December 22

Are you a member of Baltimore Woods who has a passion for drawing, photography, painting, or other fine arts interests?

Apply by October 19 to have your work featured in this exhibit!

Click here for a downloadable application with more details

Previously in the Gallery

Student Art Show 2022 piece by Arga Redmond.

2022 Student Art Show

Divergent Paths
Millie Schmidt

photograph by Chris Murray Silver Lake Mountain

Meditations on Winter
by Chris Murray

Photograph by Dean Kolts of Coral Fungus and Goldthread

Nature’s Magic
by Dean Kolts and Lisa Davis

pen and ink drawings by artists Marlene Roeder and Amy Cunningham

Unique Perspectives
by Marlene Roeder and
Amy Cunningham-Waltz

Drawing on Talent
Members Art Exhibit