Sketching the Skeletons of Trees

As the seasons change, deciduous trees lose their leaves to reveal the beauty of their winter skeletons. This is a great time to compare the structure of trees in various habitats by sketching them. In this program, we will explore the trails, draw trees that we meet along the way, and learn how field sketching [...]

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Exploring the Colors of Baltimore Woods

The preserve is home to vibrant plant and animal life that creates an intricate landscape hidden to many. Together, we'll uncover the colors that make Baltimore Woods so distinct through close observation and art. We will spend two hours immersed in The Woods and will use paints to record the incredible things we see. Let's [...]

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Meet the Artist: A Live Zoom Session with Diane L. Menzies

Join Jamesville artist Diane L. Menzies for an intimate exploration of Woodlands and Water: Paintings of Meaningful Places, a nature-inspired collection of oil paintings on display at Baltimore Woods Nature Center. Led by art-gallery coordinator Karen Jean Smith, participants will get an up-close look at a few of the featured oil paintings, learn more from Diane about [...]

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Nature Journaling in Color

Taking time to slow down and enjoy the magical colors of fall helps us to clear our minds. Adding watercolors to your nature journaling can focus your attention on the intricacies of color, creating a mindful experience. Come out to The Woods for a mind-cleansing walk using watercolors as our guide. Come prepared for the [...]

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The Trees are Calling and I Must Paint

From the smallest plant to the largest mountain, nature inspires us all in different ways. Join us for a mindful hike and painting as we find inspiration in the springtime forest. Wear sturdy shoes for hiking, and dress for the weather. Trail is moderate with hills. Program for adults. $6 members; $9 public. Register for [...]

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Winter’s Artists

Let your inner artist out! Let’s get outside to shake the winter blues off and make beautiful natural arts and crafts. We will use nature’s materials around us to create chilly masterpieces. Program for all ages. $6 members; $9 public. Register for Winter's Artists!

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