In Your Classroom
Baltimore Woods programs can range from 30 to 90 minutes in length and can be designed to fit the needs of your grade and classroom. Programs offer hands-on/minds-on materials for students and include visuals like PowerPoint presentations. Our hands-on/minds-on approach includes:
• Animal mounts
• Live animals
• Natural artifacts
• Activities or games related to the topic

Field Trips
Take a field trip to Baltimore Woods and experience our on-site programming! Programs in this brochure take place at Baltimore Woods in the John A. Weeks Interpretive Center and outdoors in our 180 acre nature preserve. During your visit, students can explore hiking trails, streams and ponds. Classes can stay for lunch in the pavilion and picnic area. There is a large indoor program room in case of inclement weather, and we have indoor bathrooms.

How do Baltimore Woods programs fit with the New York State Learning Standards?
Our organization has developed nature education programs to align with the most current NYS learning standards. Whether talking about the life cycle of frogs and toads, pond ecology, or photosynthesis, educators at The Woods provide opportunities for students to have direct experiences with the living environment while introducing complex scientific concepts with interactive inquiry-based curriculum.

Sensing Nature
Pre-K & Kindergarten
*Field Trip or Classroom

Program Season: Year-Round

Students will expand their awareness of the living environment using their senses as educators lead them on a nature walk to learn how animals depend on their senses to survive.
Students will use their sense of smell, touch, sight, & sound to explore the challenges animals face everyday.

Stream Ecology
Grades 1-8
*Field Trip

Program Season: Spring or Fall

This program gives students a chance to get into exploring a stream; literally! Students will wade in our stream searching for invertebrates and other animals. This program is a great extension of the Pond Ecology program. Students can compare pond and stream habitats (grades 1-3) or water quality (grades 4-7).

Snowflake Bentley
Grades K-1
*Field Trip or Classroom

Program Season: Winter

Bentley is credited with discovering the fact that no two snowflakes are alike. See Bentley’s photographs and discover the different shapes and symmetry that make each snowflake unique! The richly illustrated book, Snowflake Bentley and a discussion of liquids and solids help students learn some snow science. Students make snowflake collecting apparatuses.

Traveling Water Drop
Grades 3-5
*Classroom or Field Trip

Program Season: Year-Round

Have you ever been trapped in a cloud or glacier? How about fall from the sky or get hurtled down rapids? Explore the interactions people have with the complex water cycle without ever leaving your school yard. Students will participate in a hands-on activity that takes water droplets around their world.

Pond Ecology
Grades 1-8
*Field Trip

Program Season: Spring or Fall

Get ready for some hands-on; wet & muddy fun! Grades 1-3 will use nets to explore the pond habitat and see what kinds of crazy adaptations animals have for living in the water. Grades 4-7 will use their nets to conduct an invertebrate survey of the pond to help calculate the water quality here at Baltimore Woods. We can even bring pond creatures to the classroom!

Photosynthesis Phun
Grades 3-5
*Field Trip

Program Season: Spring

Learn about adaptations plants have that allow them to survive and thrive in Central New York. Using visual presentations and hands-on games and activities, students will learn how plants make energy to live and reproduce. Students are divided into three groups for a plant scavenger hunt, a relay race that teaches about photosynthesis, and a game of concentration.

Available Field Trip Times:

NOTE: All spring 2019 field trip slots are full; please consider booking for fall 2019 and spring 2020. 

Monday – Friday during the school year

Cost: $5 per students
Classroom programs and field-trips to Baltimore Woods start at $100 for an hour long program. This covers classes up to 20 students ($5 per student). For classes larger then 20 students, each additional student is $4.

Maximum Class Size: 30 students.
*Classes exceeding 30 students will be divided into two classes and charged for two class programs.

Travel Fees: A $25 travel fee applies to all off-site programs. Material fees may apply for some programs.

• For multiple programs at the same location on the same day, only one off-site fee ($25) applies.
• Sign up for two or more programs in one day! (Both on- & off-site programs) Cost is $5 per
student per program hour for the first hour, and $4 per hour each additional consecutive program

How Do I Book A Field Trip?
Step 1:
Fill out the Field Trip Registration Form form and send to BWNC at least one month in advance of desired program date. Registrations are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
Step 2: Submit the program registration form via email to Becky Wilson at [email protected].
Step 3: Your program confirmation will be sent via email within one week of BWNC’s receipt of your program registration form.
Step 4-Optional: If your program is outdoors, consider arranging for chaperones so that there is at least one adult for every 12 students. Teachers are responsible for supervision at all times.

For more information please email Becky Wilson – Education Manager at [email protected]