A Splashing Good Time

Week of August 22 – August 28, 2021

Becky Wilson Education Manager

by Becky Wilson, Naturalist

We have had some rainy days of summer camp recently and I realized I had forgotten another of my favorite things about summer; warm cleansing rain! My campers reminded me of all the fun things you can do in the rain, most notably, jumping in puddles! Do you remember those days when you were young? When it didn’t matter how wet you got, every puddle was an invitation to splash, your clothes soaked, eyelashes clinging together and your heart full of joy!

When the temps start to rise we are surely heading to the streams, to cool off in the lazily flowing pools. The bonus of the rain? Instant cool off all day and a chance to get wetter! 

The rain also brings many creatures out like amphibians, we found so many red backed salamanders enjoying the showers. American toads were spotted out and about, traveling along the drenched leaf litter, likely hunting for a tasty worm snack. If you’re out for a rainy adventure be sure to check out the amazing array of fungus, they are also huge fans of the rain!

How have you been spending your rainy days? Do you have a fun rainy memory to share? Share with us by emailing [email protected].

two mushrooms with slender stalks growing from base of a tree
two grsl sittng on a log in a field watching the world go by
american toad