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Little Explorers Can Experience Great Moments!
Half Day Camp for Children Ages 4 and 5 (10am – 12pm)

Our experienced counselors are caring and dedicated to providing safe adventures for your child. Each day’s activities will nurture your child’s sense of wonder and connection to the environment, helping them to feel at home in nature. Limited to no more than 11 campers per session*, campers will explore Baltimore Woods, learn about the various plants and animals found in the woods, play nature-related games and make nature crafts.

catching a peeper frog

Session 1 – July 10-14
Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders

Ribbit! Ribbit! Our amphibian friends are calling you to come hop around Baltimore Woods. We will spend a week learning and exploring as we search for these quick critters. Where do they live? What do they eat? How are they alike and different? You’ll be an amphibian expert by the end of this week!

campers study butterflies

Session 2 – July 17-21
Birds and Butterflies

Beautiful winged creatures fill the air at Baltimore Woods. Get your birding on as we look and listen for our feathered friends, sing bird songs, and build a giant nest! Then grab a butterfly net and view these delicate insects up close. You may even feel their legs tickle your nose before they flutter away.

Little Explorer catches bugs

Session 3 – July 24-28
Insect Safari!

Bug jar? Check! Butterfly net? Check! Need to explore the outdoors? Check! Sounds like you’re all set for a week of adventure as we get up close and personal with the world of insects. We’ll race after butterflies and dragonflies, scour the grasses for praying mantises, flip logs for beetles, and search the stream for stoneflies. It’s going to be a buggy bonanza!

Campers explore the stream

Session 4 – July 31- August 4
Water, Water Everywhere!

Play, discover, and get wonderfully wet this week at the woods! This week’s adventure includes plenty of time exploring our creeks and ponds in search of frogs, crayfish, water bugs, and other friends. We will have water races, create water paintings, and do watery games and experiments. Join us for a splashing good time!

Session 5 – August 7-11

You’ll find that Baltimore Woods is full of magic if you only know where to look. Learn how to build fairy houses and gnome huts, and use your imagination while we search for these reclusive creatures. Games, crafts, and fantasy are sure to make this one magical week!

campers hiking down the trail

Session 6 – August 14-18
Nature’s Little Artists

Calling all art and nature lovers! This week we will use nature to paint, build, sculpt and create our own one-of-a-kind masterpieces. We’ll learn how to make our own paint and paintbrushes, sculpt statues out of clay and even use nature to form our own rock band.


The camps will be led by skilled naturalists.

This  camp is limited to 11 participants per session.

Sessions are themed, and campers can attend multiple sessions.

Camp will begin daily at 10am and end at 12pm.

Before and after care are available, if needed.

*A minimum of six campers must be enrolled in order for a camp session to take place.


$77 per session.

Early Registration – Register by April 30, 2017 and deduct $10 from the total camp registration fee.

Multiple week and multiple child discounts ($5) are automatically applied when you register. Discounts apply beginning with the second child and/or the second week.

You must have a Baltimore Woods Family Membership ($40) to attend camp, which can be obtained at the time of registration.