Blacksmithing Workshop: Forge Your Own Fire Poker

This three hour hands-on class will introduce you to blacksmithing and working with hot iron to make useful objects. You will learn techniques like drawing out, bending, twisting, scrolling, and more to create a unique fire poker to take home with you.

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Little Lichen Love Stories

Lichens are commonly seen yet poorly understood, beautiful yet bewildering love stories between two (or more) entirely different living things. These tiny creatures can be found year-round, and are far more complex, vital, and tough than meets the eye. On this guided walk, we will explore the bizarre, delightful micro-world of lichen interactions and the places [...]

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Combat Winter Blues with Houseplants

Houseplants help brighten up our homes on even the darkest of winter days. Join us as we learn about different types of plants that do well in a home along with tips on how to keep them thriving. We’ll also practice the process of creating new plants using leaf propagation and participants will get to take [...]

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