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Science Adventures in Nature

Baltimore Woods Nature Center is excited to announce a new offering this October, Science Adventures in Nature! This four-week series of adventures for kids ages 6-12 offers hands-on experiences in nature to supplement your science curriculum. Every Tuesday, we’ll meet up for a three hour program packed with  experiments, activities, and outdoor exploration. Rain, snow, [...]

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Virtual Magnificent Monarchs

Imagine flying 50 to 100 miles every day for nearly two months...and without GPS?! Believe it or not, every year thousands of monarch butterflies undertake an epic journey which spans much of the continent and involves many generations of butterflies. Tune in to this virtual program and follow five monarch generations as they take part in [...]

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Star Party: Farewell Winter Skies

Venus is at its best viewing position for the year, high above the western sky at sunset. Plus, we’ll say farewell to winter skies. Back-up date March 21st. Program for all ages Cost: $6 members; $9 public

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