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Animal Feature of the Week: Eastern Screech Owl

by Emily Overstrom, Naturalist
Whooo whooo who is our animal of the week? The Eastern Screech owl! Today we are joining Naturalist Emily to learn more about these sneaky and mysterious nocturnal birds!

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    Natural Connections: The Sunset Switch

    by Lexi Grove, Naturalist

    The sun has set and it is beginning to get dark outside, that means some animals will be getting tucked in and going to sleep, while others are just waking up! Settle in for a story with Naturalist Lexi called Sunset Switch, we will learn about which animals come out at night. Why do you think some animals are awake at night instead of during the day?

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    Naturalist Check-in: Night Sounds

    by Melissa Kirby, Naturalist
    Closing our eyes and tuning in with our sense of hearing is a wonderful way to connect with the different nighttime sounds. Today we are checking in with Naturalist Melissa to discover some of the incredible sounds we can hear at Baltimore Woods!

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