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Animal Feature of the Week: Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly

by Tom Meier, Naturalist
Have you seen winged visitors stopping by your gardens in search of flowers and nectar? Check out this Great Spangled Fritillary delicately sampling a coneflower in the pollinator gardens outside the John A. Weeks Interpretive Center!
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Naturalist Check-in: Sunsets and Loons

by Tom Meier, Environmental Educator
Sunsets are a daily reminder of change in our lives. The light of day gives way to the nighttime world. We cannot stop the sun from setting, though we can enjoy the fiery transition! Change can be scary sometimes, and it can also be beautiful. In this week’s Naturalist Check-in, Tom Meier shares a few minutes of a September Adirondack sunset on Follensby Clear Pond.
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Natural Connections: Fickle Fall Fungi

by Morgan Ingraham, Environmental Educator
Tree leaves are not the only brilliant things to see this autumn season! Have you ever witnessed a mushroom pop up seemingly overnight, just to disappear a few days later? What about mushrooms that stick around all year long? In this video, Baltimore Woods Environmental Eucator Morgan introduces us to the diverse shapes, colors, and forms of these mysterious creatures.
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