Check out these fun activities and games that will help you stay connected to nature
whether you’re inside or out!

Naturalist Video BINGO~ adult activity

Video Scavenger Hunt ~ kids activity

Animal Superhero Masks ~  kids activity

Foodie Frog Life Cycle  ~ kids activity

Camp Memories ~ adult activity

Build a Boat ~  kids activity

 Water to Bubbles ~ kids activity

Water Meditation ~ adult activity

Fungi Color Scavenger Hunt ~ kids activity

Mushroom Spore Prints ~ adult activity

Create a Nature Haiku ~ kids activity

On the Trails Scavenger Hunt~ kids activity

 Sound Mapping ~ adult activity

Forest Food Chain ~ kids activity

Traveling Water Drop Game ~ kids activity

Pumpkin Life Cycle  ~ kids activity

Stone Story ~ adult activity

Glacier Game ~ kids activity

Catch ‘Em All ~ adult activity

Build A Bug ~ kids activity

I’m Weird and So Are You ~ adult activity

 Create a Creature ~ kids activity

Wacky Weather ~ family activity