Check out these fun activities and games that will help you stay connected to nature
whether you’re inside or out!

black-capped chickadee on a branch
view of phillips pond in early spring with ice
skunk cabbage peeks through snow

Paint-with-Rain-activity.pdf ~ activity for kids

Recycled Paper Seed Bombs ~ activity for all ages

A Sensible Walk Through the Woods ~ activity for adults 

Snail Sleuth ~ activity for kids

Getting to Know Spring Flowers ~ activity for adults and kids

Spring Night Noises ~ activity for adults and kids

Indoor Plants TLC ~ activity for adults

Spring-Inspired Salt Painting ~ activity for kids

Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt ~ activity for kids and adults

Weather Journal ~ activity for kids

Winter Survival Scavenger Hunt ~ activity for adults and families

Winter Weeds Bingo ~ activity for adults and families

Frozen Suncatchers ~ activity for adults and families

Warm in Winter ~ activity for adults and families

Ice Chromatography ~ activity for adults and families

Draw From Your Window ~ activity for adults and families

 Nature in Your Home ~ activity for kids

House Plant Tips ~ activity for adults

New Year, New Sights ~ activity for all ages

Revisiting Nature ~ activity for adults 

Nature Throughout the Year ~ activity for kids

Orange Garland ~ activity for adults and kids

Snowflake Craft ~ activity for adults and kids

Winter Color Hunt ~ activity for adults and kids

 Winter Scavenger Hunt ~ activity for adults and kids

Giving Thanks Wreath~ adult activity

Thankful Turkey Craft ~ kids activity

Nature Photography ~ adult activity

Sculpting with Nature ~ kids activity

Project Squirrel ~ adult activity

Migration Board Game ~ kids activity

What are the animals up to?~ adult activity

Build a Den ~ kids activity

Night Senses ~ adult activity

Spooky Spider Web ~ kids activity

Fall Colors Crossword Puzzle ~ adult activity

Fall Colors Scavenger Hunt ~ kids activity

Leaf Chromatography ~ kids activity

Magic in Nature ~ adult activity

Homes for Magical Creatures ~ kids activity

Natural Plant Dyes ~ adult activity

Create a Life Cycle ~ kids activity

Fungi Foray ~ adult activity

Leaf Garlands ~ kids activity

Night Sky Gazing ~ adult activity

Constellation Projector Craft~ kids activity

Ecosystem Challenge ~ adult activity

Ecosystem Extravaganza ~ kids activity

Leaf Printing ~ adult activity

Faces in Nature ~ kids activity

Mindful Nature Mandala ~ adult activity

 Nature Mandala ~ kids activity

Staff & Volunteer Trivia ~ adult activity

Interview with Nature ~kids activity

Observing Fireflies ~ adult activity

 Make Your Own Kite ~kids activity

Bat Craft and Game ~ kids activity

Naturalist Video BINGO~ adult activity

Video Scavenger Hunt ~ kids activity

Animal Superhero Masks ~  kids activity

Foodie Frog Life Cycle  ~ kids activity

Camp Memories ~ adult activity

Build a Boat ~  kids activity

 Water to Bubbles ~ kids activity

Water Meditation ~ adult activity

Fungi Color Scavenger Hunt ~ kids activity

Mushroom Spore Prints ~ adult activity

Create a Nature Haiku ~ kids activity

On the Trails Scavenger Hunt~ kids activity

 Sound Mapping ~ adult activity

Forest Food Chain ~ kids activity

Traveling Water Drop Game ~ kids activity

Pumpkin Life Cycle  ~ kids activity

Stone Story ~ adult activity

Glacier Game ~ kids activity

Catch ‘Em All ~ adult activity

Build A Bug ~ kids activity

I’m Weird and So Are You ~ adult activity

 Create a Creature ~ kids activity

Wacky Weather ~ family activity