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Tails from the Brush Pile

By: Kyle L Teufel This week’s blog is inspired by one of my favorite neighbors here at The Woods, one who’s been quite busy all winter long. Our resident cottontail has made itself a cozy home in the brush pile behind the nature center along the Backyard Wildlife Trail. Signs of his presence can be [...]

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The Story of the Groundhog and His Shadow

By: Becky Williams Many of you may have tuned in on February 2nd, Groundhog Day, to see if we have another six weeks of winter or an early spring. The meteorologist who makes this weather prediction? A large marmot named Punxsutawney Phil. Better known as a groundhog or woodchuck this rodent is a true hibernator, [...]

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The Splendor of Snow

By Kyle L Teufel A picture of snow crystals clinging to white pine needles (2013). Photo by: Kyle L Teufel While trotting along the Valley Trail one sunny, but chilly, afternoon, I found myself hypnotized by a fresh blanket of snow that enveloped the woods. As I walked the trail, the ground and branches all [...]

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