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Night at The Woods – A Live Virtual Experience!

A beloved annual event, this year we are bringing the mystery of the night forest to you live at home! While our trails close at dusk, life in The Woods just starts to stir when the sun goes down. Join our education team as they show you live footage of the exciting and mysterious nocturnal [...]

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Virtual Magnificent Monarchs

Imagine flying 50 to 100 miles every day for nearly two months...and without GPS?! Believe it or not, every year thousands of monarch butterflies undertake an epic journey which spans much of the continent and involves many generations of butterflies. Tune in to this virtual program and follow five monarch generations as they take part in [...]

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Virtual Amazing Migrants: A Closer Look at Bird Migration

Streaming in through our windows this month is a whole new ensemble of bird songs from those we heard at the start of May. Over the past few weeks, these migratory birds have arrived back in our region after a perilous journey south and are now raising their young, who will make their own journey soon enough. Join naturalist [...]

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Virtual Treefrogs and Peepers

Warm nights in May turn normally secretive gray treefrogs and spring peepers into superstars! Naturalist Tom Meier takes you on a video excursion to Baltimore Woods to witness the wildest pond party of spring. Special guests include gray treefrogs, spring peepers, green frogs, bull frogs, American toads, and more! Register for Treefrogs and Peepers! When [...]

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Mammal Detectives

Discover the different evidence mammals leave behind as they travel through the forest. We’ll gain new investigation skills as we explore and try to answer the who, where, and why of mammals in the winter. Dress for the weather. Trail will be moderate with hills. Program for ages 8 and up. $6 members; $9 public. [...]

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Trail School: Trails of the Tricksters

Foxes and coyotes move all around Baltimore Woods at night. This trip will take us far and wide as we follow wild tracks wherever they might lead! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Dress for the weather. Be sure to bring water and a snack for the trail. Program for ages 5-15. $6 members; [...]

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Owl Prowl: Owls in Time

Owls have been both feared and adored throughout human history. Come listen to stories about owls in time followed by a winter night walk in search of these mysterious birds of prey. Dress for the weather; snowshoes will be provided, if necessary. Program for ages 10 and up. $6 members; $9 public. Register for Owl [...]

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Snow Stories: Animal Track Edition

By learning the basics of animal tracking a whole new world is opened up for you! Are you looking for a fun winter activity? Our furry friends are out and about leaving clues, waiting for you to decipher their stories in the snow! Snowshoes provided or bring your own if you have them.  Program for [...]

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Migrate, Hibernate, Acclimate

Birds, mammals, herps-oh my! Will they travel to distant lands, sleep through it all, or conquer the cold? Explore the different ways animals in New York recognize and prepare for winter.  Program for 6 and up. $6 for members; $9 for public. Register for Migrate, Hibernate, Acclimate!

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