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A Quiet Moment in Nature

John Muir said, “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” We are a part of the ecological community of nature, join us to learn how to use this connection to recharge your mind and body. We will go on an interpretive sensory hike through the preserve, stopping along the [...]

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Earth Day Celebration

Let’s celebrate Earth Day the Baltimore Woods way! Come on out for a fun and educational celebration of our planet. This year the event will feature a one-way Earth Day trail for you and your household to enjoy the wonder of the natural world with stops for games, activities, take home crafts, and a scavenger [...]

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Of Twigs and Trees

This event has sold out. We hope you will watch our website for other upcoming programs that interest you! March is the perfect time to learn how to identify trees by bark and bud. By learning a few simple shapes and textures we’ll have you recognizing leafless trees as if they were old friends. We [...]

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How Winter Trees Work

Trees have fascinating adaptations to get through the cold dark months in the northeast. We'll go for an easy walk to find out just how these burly plants deal with the coming freezing winds, ice, and snow. Register for How Winter Trees Work More details: Come prepared for the weather. At Baltimore Woods Nature Center, [...]

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Sunrise Frost Walk

November sunrises give us a splendid opportunity to admire the season’s smallest ever-changing masterpieces. Come out to The Woods for a sunrise walk where we will do just that, look for nature's smallest works of art in this chilly time of year. Register for Sunrise Frost Walk More details: Come prepared for the weather. The [...]

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Nature Journaling in Color

Taking time to slow down and enjoy the magical colors of fall helps us to clear our minds. Adding watercolors to your nature journaling can focus your attention on the intricacies of color, creating a mindful experience. Come out to The Woods for a mind-cleansing walk using watercolors as our guide. Come prepared for the [...]

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Gifts of Fall

Let's welcome fall and celebrate all the things we love about this time of year. Together we'll embark on a scenic foliage hike to enjoy the crisp autumn air and discover the gifts fall has to offer. Bring your appetite because afterwards we’ll warm ourselves with a pioneer style dessert! Hike is easy-moderate with hills. [...]

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Wildflower Hike with Famous Poets

Baltimore Woods has an astonishing display of spring wildflowers. Come for an inspiring walk with the words of famous poets as they help us appreciate this ephemeral moment. Wear sturdy shoes for hiking. Trails include hills. Program for adults. $6 members; $9 public. Please stay tuned for more information about this program as we begin [...]

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Weekend Wildflower Walk

Baltimore Woods Nature Center’s premier woodland wildflower garden is a local treasure. Join caretaker Audrey Loewer for a pleasant walk through one of the wonders of spring. Each week, new species will bloom, and Audrey will reveal their past and present medicinal and culinary uses. Call for accessibility information. Walks will take place: April 18, [...]

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