Mammals of Baltimore Woods

Mammals play an active role in shaping the world around us. Together we will learn about mammals of the northeast, look for evidence of mammals, and test some research techniques for sampling mammals. Come along to find out just how important mammals really are. Come ready for a hike with rolling hills and dress for [...]

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Exploring the Colors of Baltimore Woods

The preserve is home to vibrant plant and animal life that creates an intricate landscape hidden to many. Together, we'll uncover the colors that make Baltimore Woods so distinct through close observation and art. We will spend two hours immersed in The Woods and will use paints to record the incredible things we see. Let's [...]

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Beavers: Masters of Change (a virtual program)

This virtual program is back by popular demand! Change is a natural part of life in the forest and beavers are masters of creating it! By doing what they do best, they create unexpected benefits for the whole ecosystem. Take a virtual trip down to the beaver ponds at Baltimore Woods with Naturalist Eliza Phillips [...]

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A Quiet Moment in Nature

John Muir said, “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” We are a part of the ecological community of nature, join us to learn how to use this connection to recharge your mind and body. We will go on an interpretive sensory hike through the preserve, stopping along the [...]

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Exploring the Back 40

John Weeks always referred to the northernmost fields and forests of Baltimore Woods as "the back 40." Come along for an exploration of this less-visited area to find the birds, plants, and ecosystems that make it special. This program includes a hike over gently rolling terrain and a couple of small hills. This program is for [...]

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Micro Hike: Spring Forest

Explore the microscopic forest on this late spring walk through the woods! Using microscopes and hand lenses, we'll get a fascinating view of the textures and ecology of the overlooked and unknown. This will be a leisurely walk with some hills. Dress for the weather. This program is for adults and homeschool teens. Register for Micro [...]

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Treefrogs and Peepers (virtual program)

Warm nights in May turn normally secretive gray treefrogs and spring peepers into superstars! Naturalist Tom Meier takes you on a video excursion to Baltimore Woods to witness the wildest pond party of spring. Special guests include gray treefrogs, spring peepers, green frogs, bull frogs, American toads, and more! Sign up to view Treefrogs and [...]

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Trail School: June Explorations

Inspired by one of the great naturalists of the 19th century, Enos Mills, each excursion will take us on an adventure through Baltimore Woods as we explore away from the main trails. Our 182-acre “classroom” is rich with diverse habitats, including streams, forests, wetlands, beaver ponds, and open meadows. This four-week series runs weekly on [...]

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Science Adventures in Nature: June Series

This four-week series offers hands-on experiences in nature to supplement your science curriculum. Every Tuesday, we’ll meet up for a three hour program packed with experiments, activities, and outdoor exploration. Rain, snow, or sunshine – we will happily go outside! The cost is $40 for members; $60 for the public. Pre-registration is required and all [...]

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That’s Ferntastic!

Ferns, with their elegant fiddleheads and graceful fronds, have survived for millennia and fascinated people for generations. Take a walk with Naturalist Tom Meier to meet the ferns of Baltimore Woods and discover what makes these plants so "ferntastic". This program includes a moderate hike on hills and uneven trails. The program is for adults. [...]

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