Owl Prowl: Owls in Time

Owls have been both feared and adored throughout human history. Come listen to stories about owls in time followed by an autumn night walk in search of these mysterious birds of prey. This program is appropriate for ages 10 and up as it includes a hike along a steep trail at night under quiet conditions [...]

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If These Trees Could Talk (Virtual Program)

The shape of the forests at Baltimore Woods is intimately tied to the lifestyles of all the people who came before. Join Baltimore Woods Naturalist Tom Meier on a video journey through time to take an inspiring look at the history of the preserve and the ever-changing relationships between people and the land, as told [...]

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A Night at The Woods

This program is sold out. We hope you will enjoy a fall hike at Baltimore Woods this season and check back for other seasonal programs!  A unique nighttime experience at Baltimore Woods Nature Center! While our trails close at dusk, life in The Woods is just starting to stir when the sun goes down. For [...]

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Magnificent Monarchs (a virtual program)

Imagine flying 50 to 100 miles every day for nearly two months...and without GPS?! Believe it or not, every year thousands of monarch butterflies undertake an epic journey which spans much of the continent and involves many generations of butterflies. Tune in to this virtual program and follow five monarch generations as they take part [...]

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Beavers: Masters of Change (a virtual program)

This virtual program is back by popular demand! Change is a natural part of life in the forest and beavers are masters of creating it! By doing what they do best, they create unexpected benefits for the whole ecosystem. Take a virtual trip down to the beaver ponds at Baltimore Woods with Naturalist Eliza Phillips [...]

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Earth Day Celebration

Let’s celebrate Earth Day the Baltimore Woods way! Come on out for a fun and educational celebration of our planet. This year the event will feature a one-way Earth Day trail for you and your household to enjoy the wonder of the natural world with stops for games, activities, take home crafts, and a scavenger [...]

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Night Moves: Spring Amphibian Migration (Virtual Program)

Back by popular demand! Night Moves: Spring Amphibian Migration  A Virtual Program available for viewing April 2 - 30 Warm rainy nights in spring bring frogs and salamanders out of their winter slumber and trigger mass migrations to their breeding waters. Baltimore Woods Nature Center Naturalist Tom Meier takes you to Labrador Hollow for a [...]

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Naturalist Field Days

Come one, come all to the Naturalist Field Days! This is a great opportunity for families to get outside and come to Baltimore Woods to hone your naturalist skills. As you follow the trail you'll find self-guided naturalist stations with tools and prompts to complete fun activities, all while exploring the wildlife and plants found [...]

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Science Adventures in Nature: March Series

Get ready for Science Adventures in March! This four-week series offers hands-on experiences in nature to supplement your science curriculum. Every Tuesday, we’ll meet up for a three-hour program packed with experiments, activities, and outdoor exploration. Rain, snow, or sunshine – we will happily go outside! Themes for each week are listed below! $40 members; $60 public. Pre-registration [...]

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Superlative Life

The great naturalist Edwin Way Teale wrote that winter is a time of superlative life. The abilities of plants and animals to survive the cold Central New York winters are varied and astounding. Follow along as Naturalist Tom Meier sets forth to understand the adaptations and drive of winter wildlife in a time when giving [...]

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