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Stonework Play

Even a stone, one of the simplest forms of nature, can become a powerful resource to connect humans to the natural world and enrich the imagination. International Early Childhood consultant and Stonework Play artist, Diana Suskind will lead us in a creative storytelling activity, inspiring children and adults to create meaningful stories through contact with [...]

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Wonder of the Sky

Ever gaze up at the big fluffy clouds of dragons, flowers, elephants, or whatever imagination conjures up swimming across that big blue sky? Have you ever stared in peaceful awe at all colors of a rainbow wondering where does it end? As they say, beauty is in the sky of the beholder, so come join [...]

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Star Party: Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower, one of the year’s best. The near-full moon will interfere with the view of fainter meteors, but brighter ones should still put on a show (we hope!) Also, great views of Jupiter and Saturn, and maybe a look at Venus. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to lie and watch for [...]

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Cabin Campfire Stories

Bring your family out on a summer adventure as we take a hike through the sunset trails of Baltimore Woods. We’ll travel down to Phillips Cabin where we will be welcomed by a crackling fire, make s'mores, and listen to campfire stories told by Zachary Smith. Program for ages 7 and up. Bring a flashlight [...]

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Star Party: Jupiter and the Milky Way

We will start the program with great views of Jupiter, Saturn, and the waxing quarter moon, then, as it gets darker, turn our sights on the Summer Milky Way, which has some of the densest concentrations of star clusters and nebulae visible to us in the northern hemisphere. Back-up date July 13th. Program for all [...]

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Star Party: First Quarter Moon and Spring Skies

NOTE: Due to the weather forecast for Friday evening, the Star Party will take place on Saturday, April 13th! Pre-registration for this event has been extended to 12pm Saturday. Walk-ins are also welcome. Come have a look at the first-quarter moon, and after it begins to set, a farewell to the deep-sky objects of winter [...]

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