Earth Day Celebration: Go All in with Nature!

Celebrate Earth with Baltimore Woods Nature Center and learn the many ways you can go all in with nature in 2022! Look for pollinators, use a microscope to see nature in a whole new way, become a bird in the migration obstacle challenge, be a citizen scientist, meet people from nature and conservation-based organizations around [...]

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Springing into Beginnings: Spring Equinox Celebration

Celebrate the turning of the season through games, activities, and outdoor explorations that connect us to our ancient roots. Join Baltimore Woods staff as we spring into new beginnings with a morning at the Woods!

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Winter Wild Adventures

Join us on a grand winter adventure for the whole family! Experience games and fun challenges where you'll learn and practice basic winter survival skills from fire and shelter building to winter navigation and tracking. Through a little collaboration with each other and with nature, you'll acquire some handy skills to survive the winter. Please dress [...]

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Whimsical World of Winter: Nature Art

Ever seen fantastic animals in mounds of snow, sparkling colors in illuminated icicles, or dizzying designs in fallen tree branches? Winter landscapes are the perfect medium for bringing our imaginations to life. Get in touch with your creative side and become a nature artist! In this program, we’ll go on a hike and use the [...]

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Winter Solstice Hike: Saturday Session

The winter solstice, with only nine hours of sunlight during the day, transforms our world into a quiet moon-lit wonderland at night. While it can be easy to forget in the dark, the winter solstice is truly a night of beginnings. Come for a tranquil lantern-lit walk to discover and celebrate the promise of longer [...]

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Hidden Treasures of Baltimore Woods

Something strange has been going on at the Woods lately and our team has noticed mysterious signs and tracks. Think you have what it takes to help solve the mystery at Baltimore Woods? Grab your friends and join us for a scavenger hunt throughout the preserve! The scavenger hunt is a self-guided program that takes [...]

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Caroling in The Woods

Update for those who have pre-registered for this event: Due to high winds, the Caroling program is being rescheduled to tomorrow evening, Sunday December 12th at 7pm. This event is sold out. Walk-ins cannot be accommodated.  Pick up a lantern and song sheet and enjoy a beloved tradition at Baltimore Woods. This event is free [...]

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Bumbling Around Baltimore Woods

The November forest is full of surprises! Let’s take a walk around the Boundary Trail to see what’s happening in the woods. Along our bumble, we’ll keep an eye out for birds, mammals, insects, moss, and anything else we find as the forest settles in for the coming winter. This program is intended for ages [...]

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Owl Prowl: Owls in Time

Owls have been both feared and adored throughout human history. Come listen to stories about owls in time followed by an autumn night walk in search of these mysterious birds of prey. This program is appropriate for ages 10 and up as it includes a hike along a steep trail at night under quiet conditions [...]

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