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Winter Birding Basics

Bare branches and fewer birds makes for the perfect time to learn the basics of birdwatching. We’ll grab binoculars and set out onto the preserve to hone our skills and discover how special winter bird watching really is. We will go for a short hike, please come dressed for the weather. Pre- registration is required [...]

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Virtual Amazing Migrants: A Closer Look at Bird Migration

Streaming in through our windows this month is a whole new ensemble of bird songs from those we heard at the start of May. Over the past few weeks, these migratory birds have arrived back in our region after a perilous journey south and are now raising their young, who will make their own journey soon enough. Join naturalist [...]

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Owl Prowl: Owls in Time

Owls have been both feared and adored throughout human history. Come listen to stories about owls in time followed by a winter night walk in search of these mysterious birds of prey. Dress for the weather; snowshoes will be provided, if necessary. Program for ages 10 and up. $6 members; $9 public. Register for Owl [...]

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Winter’s Flying Jewels

Birds are busy this time of year, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for birding! We’ll watch the feeder and take a short hike to look and listen for these wintertime gems.  All birding levels welcome; binoculars available to borrow. Program for adults. $6 members; $9 public.   Register for Winter's Flying Jewels!

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Field Trip to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Come along for a guided trip to see the some of the last of the migratory birds before the water freezes over. Carpool leaves Baltimore Woods at 8:15am, otherwise meet at the refuge’s visitor center at 9am. Bring binoculars and dress warm.  Program for all ages. $6 for members; $9 for public. Due to winter’s [...]

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Birding Basics

Ever look out at your birdfeeder and see a bird you didn't recognize? Come join us for a program where we take birding back to the basics and teach you everything you need to know about identifying birds. Practice ID by sight, sound, and learn how to narrow down your options by watching bird behavior. [...]

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Birding by Ear

“Cheese-bur-ger!” Learning to recognize bird songs and calls can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your bird watching or hikes, and it’s easier than you might think! This combined talk and bird walk will get you started down the path of avian auditory enlightenment with tips, tricks, and hacks for learning bird calls. Program for adults. $6 for members; $9 for [...]

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Derby Hill Birding Field Trip

Spring hawk migration peaks in April, and the Derby Hill Bird Observatory is the best place around to catch it. Hundreds of raptors fly overhead each day on their way north around Lake Ontario, surely a sight to see! Meet at Baltimore Woods at 9am to carpool, or meet the group at 10am at Derby [...]

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Great Backyard Bird Count

Every year citizen scientists help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society in this joint effort to track bird species and populations, and you can help too! We’ll learn all about the Great Backyard Bird Count, show you how to participate, and go for a short bird walk to practice before the big weekend. Program for adults. [...]

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