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Combat Winter Blues with Greens

In a world of grays and whites, a little bit of green can go a long way. Houseplants help brighten up our homes on even the darkest of winter days. Tune in for a live virtual program to learn about houseplant propagation and make your own terrarium. Participants will be sent a materials list for [...]

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Mindful Moments: Winter in Nature Meditations

Are you looking for a fresh way to start off your New Year? There’s no better way to clear the cobwebs than with a refreshing guided meditation experience! Join Becky Wilson on a virtual snowy walk through Baltimore Woods while enjoying restful meditations inspired by the beauty of winter and set intentions through mindful journaling [...]

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The Nature of Holidays

Join us as we explore some history of the holidays! We’ll hike around the preserve discovering the roots of past and present traditions and share stories of humanity’s celebrations. We’ll take a moment to observe our own natural surroundings and appreciate nature in the holidays. We will be hiking. Please come dressed for the weather. [...]

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If These Trees Could Talk: A Virtual Journey

The shape of the forests at Baltimore Woods is intimately tied to the lifestyles of all the people who came before. Join Baltimore Woods Naturalist Tom Meier on a video journey through time to take an inspiring look at the history of the preserve and the ever-changing relationships between people and the land, as told [...]

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How Winter Trees Work

Trees have fascinating adaptations to get through the cold dark months in the northeast. We'll go for an easy walk to find out just how these burly plants deal with the coming freezing winds, ice, and snow. Register for How Winter Trees Work More details: Come prepared for the weather. At Baltimore Woods Nature Center, [...]

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Sunrise Frost Walk

November sunrises give us a splendid opportunity to admire the season’s smallest ever-changing masterpieces. Come out to The Woods for a sunrise walk where we will do just that, look for nature's smallest works of art in this chilly time of year. Register for Sunrise Frost Walk More details: Come prepared for the weather. The [...]

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Fall Harvest

Winter is coming! And nature’s ultimate food preppers are getting ready. Let’s go for a hike to look for evidence of animals stocking up and preparing for winter and learn different food storage strategies from the experts! Register for Fall Harvest! More Details: At Baltimore Woods Nature Center, the health and safety of our staff [...]

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Mindful Moments: A Virtual Live Fall Meditation Program

You need a break. Let nature help! Take some time to refresh, restore, and connect to nature with a live-streamed fall meditation experience. Get tuned into the rhythm of the season through guided movement and mindful meditation practices. Plan to be outside or by a window. This program is designed for adults. Register for Mindful [...]

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Nature Journaling in Color

Taking time to slow down and enjoy the magical colors of fall helps us to clear our minds. Adding watercolors to your nature journaling can focus your attention on the intricacies of color, creating a mindful experience. Come out to The Woods for a mind-cleansing walk using watercolors as our guide. Come prepared for the [...]

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Gifts of Fall

Let's welcome fall and celebrate all the things we love about this time of year. Together we'll embark on a scenic foliage hike to enjoy the crisp autumn air and discover the gifts fall has to offer. Bring your appetite because afterwards we’ll warm ourselves with a pioneer style dessert! Hike is easy-moderate with hills. [...]

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