Week of May 29, 2022 – June 4, 2022

Megahn Morral Environmental Education Intern

by Meghan Morral, Environmental Educator

Have you ever taken a hike outside and just felt lighter? Perhaps it was hard to explain, but the walk you took on your lunch break shifted your entire mood. Well, research shows that spending time outside has some pretty incredible effects on your health: emotionally and physically.

Studies from all over the world are emerging stating what many people already knew: being outside makes us feel better. However, there are some measurable benefits to spending time outside including a boosted immune system, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, increased focus, and heightened energy levels. Studies have even shown that certain chemicals called phytoncides that trees produce to deter insects can reduce infectious cells in the human body when humans are around trees. So being around trees can, quite literally, heal us from the inside out!

Everyday new information is coming out about the incredible benefits of nature. Not only does this show the importance of why we need to act as responsible stewards of our planet, but it gives us even more reasons to take a moment to enjoy nature. Find a time this week to step back and enjoy the world around you, it could make all the difference.

Want to learn more? Check out  Immerse Yourself in a Forest for Better Health by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.