As I Bumbled Along…

Week of September 5 – September 11, 2021

photo of Melissa Kirby, environmental educator

by Melissa Kirby, Naturalist

Last week walking the trails everything outside was calm and quiet and all my senses seemed to heighten as I bumbled along. On my brief stroll I observed flowers, fruits, and seeds in abundance. I smelled the scent of the black cherry tree’s fruit as it seemed to be everywhere. Seeds were plentiful whether they were still in their pods like the milkweed or ready to scatter in the wind like common thistle. The apples on the trees were nearing their ripest peak.

This moment in the season is a transitional time and I can sense it in nature and within myself. For me this is a time to harvest herbs, seeds, vegetables, and preserve my bounty for food, teas, and new plants in spring. I find it a nice way to slow down and move through the transition at my own pace.

As we experience change during this time, whether it’s a transition from a busy camp season, to kids going off back to school, or even just into the crisp fall months to come, remember nature doesn’t change from summer to fall in a day or even a week, so follow the example nature sets and invite the change at your own pace.