Week of February 25, 2024 – March 2, 2024

Catherine McLaughlin, Environmental Educator at Baltimore Woods

by Catherine McLaughlin, Environmental Educator

This past week while out with my camp group, my Teen Volunteer reminded me that we only have one more month of winter! With the spring equinox now less than a month away, I find myself wondering where was winter this year? For February winter break camp we started at about 20 degrees with snow, we ended at 50 degrees with mud. It’s crazy to watch how much our weather changes in just a few short days.

From snow days to rainy days our group was eager to explore the hills of Baltimore Woods. We went looking on the ground, finding squirrel tracks in snow to deer tracks in mud on the same day. Depending on who you ask you may have seen some bigfoot tracks, or perhaps they might have been snowshoes. We also looked up, to see cloud patterns across a clear blue sky and watch pileated woodpeckers swoop toward the feeders near the Interpretive Center.  On Thursday my campers saw our celebrity screech owl up in its tree cavity.

We often find ourselves falling into patterns as we grow older. We might follow the same trails, always be looking up for the birds, and missing the tracks down below, or vice versa. When we travel with friends, co-workers, or campers, we might be interested in looking in a new direction or trying a new trail. With the temperature fluctuating as the season begins its journey to spring, I encourage you to try something new. Explore a new space. Go outside when it is raining and get your shoes dirty. We can mop up the floor after with a smile, a new story,  and a closer connection to nature.