Week of July 25 – July 31, 2021

Meghan-Morral environmental education intern

by Meghan Morral, Environmental Educator

When you think of your childhood, what comes to mind? Maybe you remember spending hours playing with friends or running around outside. Right now, Baltimore Woods is filled with campers playing games outside and exploring the preserve. For many of us, summers were all about playing games, running around outside, and having fun.  So, why did we stop?

As researchers learn more about play, studies are starting to show just how important play is even beyond childhood. Spending unstructured time in creative and social activities solely for recreation can lower stress levels, increase concentration, and lead to higher levels of happiness. Even further, when adults spend time outside doing a hobby or other recreational activities, it increases physical wellness and overall well-being. 

Try to get outside and play this week. Pick up a new hobby like bird watching, botany, nature photography, or spend some time exploring over six miles of trails right here at Baltimore Woods.  

man holding a butterfly net and looking into a netted container to hold butterflies.
two-snowshoers at Baltimore Woods on a trail carrying an old fashioned kerosene lantern
man holds spring peeper frog in gloved hand during the noght amphibina program; close up of wood frog and yellow-spotted salamander
group of adults walking along a trail and looking at something out of view up in the trees