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Guide to Backyard Birdwatching

Your backyard can become a hub of activity for migrating and overwintering birds with just a few simple tips and tricks. Learn about different feeders, types of food, common feeder birds, and how to deal with squirrels. We will also explore Project FeederWatch and how you can get started collecting data for The Cornell Lab.  [...]

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Weekend Wildflower Walk

Baltimore Woods Nature Center’s premier woodland wildflower garden is a local treasure. Join caretaker Audrey Loewer for a pleasant walk through one of the wonders of spring. Each week, new species will bloom and Audrey will reveal their past and present medicinal and culinary uses. Call for accessibility information. Free program; donations appreciated. Program for ages 15 and up. Saturdays and Sundays, starting April 20th through May 5th.

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Rites of Spring

 Celebrate Spring Equinox! For as long as humans have walked the earth they have had deep connections to nature and the changing seasons. Discover how different cultures welcome the coming of spring. We’ll find inspiration in the woods, create, and enact our own Spring Rite together. Program for adults. $6 for members; $9 for public. Register [...]