A Tribute to John A. Weeks
(1924 – 2021)

Lifelong Naturalist and Educator

Baltimore Woods Nature Center pays tribute to and celebrates the memory of John A. Weeks, life-long naturalist and educator and one of the founders of Baltimore Woods Nature Center. His life’s work is represented across the landscape of our region in the long list of conservation areas, preserves, and nature centers that emerged from his vision to help protect nature so that the community could always connect to it and learn from it. Baltimore Woods Nature Center staff will be forever grateful for John’s dedication not only to nature, but to nature-based education and we are honored to continue this work everyday through our mission and programs.

Community Words on John Weeks…

“I listened to “The Nature of Things” for many years. I can still hear his voice.”

“A true gentleman and…ahem…”natural” teacher. I spent many Friday mornings, late for work, listening to John’s broadcasts.”

“A scholar who translated life in Every day words and pictures.”

“Someone to aspire to be like.”

” I remember years and years ago always tuning in for “The Nature of Things” on the radio every week.”

“I recall his kindness, passion for anything ‘nature’ (I picked up some of my passion from him), and his desire to share his knowledge about the environment with others.”

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