The skull that you found looks like a house cat skull to me. I think this because it has very large eye sockets and the top is very round, especially compared to other local mammals such as a fox. I can also tell based on the teeth, thank you for sending a picture of them! Cats only have four small molars, the teeth in the back of your mouth used for chewing up food. They also have two large canine teeth (the sharp pointy teeth) and six small incisors (these are your front teeth). Because cats are carnivores, they only eat meat, all of their teeth are sharp and pointy, even their molars! Try feeling your own teeth using your tongue, can you find your molars, canines, and incisors? The bumps at the back of the skull are called Tympanic Bulla. Inside them is where the cat’s inner and middle ears are. When a sound reaches a cat’s ears it travels into their outer ear, (the part we can see) and travels through the middle and inner ear. The middle and inner ear is where the eardrum and other structures are located. The sound is then turned into something that the cat’s brain can recognize. Our ears work the same way, however cats definitely have better hearing than us.