Baltimore Woods Plant Sale 2023 Tomato Varieties

Grown by Master Gardener Pat Jokajtys
Organically grown plants are $5 each

Stop by the Baltimore Woods Native Plant Sale May 19-20 to purchase tomatoes, or for a $3/plant courtesy charge, you can pre-order tomatoes to be picked up at the event by emailing [email protected]! (Payment required in advance of the plant sale.)

As a special courtesy to  Baltimore Woods Plant Sale customers, Pat is accepting pre-orders that must be pre-paid and then picked up at the event on May 19 or 20. 

Here is how this will work: 

From the list of tomato varieties below (or you can download a list in PDF format here), choose the number of each variety you would like.  E-mail your order directly to Pat at [email protected] (do not send your order to Baltimore Woods). You will soon receive a confirmation directly from her with the total due.  Quantities are not guaranteed, but Pat will suggest substitutes from the same category once a variety sells out.   Your confirmation will include payment instructions and all confirmed orders MUST be pre-paid.  All pre-orders will be charged a $3 courtesy fee.  

Pre-orders can  be picked up at the plant sale during our regular hours on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20. 


Sungold (Johnny’s) -Customer favorite, very prolific sweet, orange cherry

Supersweet 100’s (Mountain Valley Seed)– prolific red cherry. 

Juliet (Johnny’s) – 1999 AAS Winner. Prolific, elongated, grape-like red tomatoes; crack resistant; stores well

Purple Bumble Bee (Johnny’s) – organic, artisan cherry tomato; purple-striped with green; very prolific; customer favorite

Sunrise Bumble Bee (Baker Creek) – organic, artisan oblong cherry; swirls of red and orange

Cherry Ember (Fruition) – NEW organic, gorgeous bronze-striped red cherry developed by Cornell; crack resistant

Egg Yolk – (saved seed) sweet, prolific, bright yellow cherry; low acid 

Apple Yellow (Johnny’s) – Adorable, bright yellow tomato with incredible split tolerance, yields, and shelf-life; AAS winner; disease resistant


San Marzano  (High Mowing) – organic, heirloom; considered the best sauce tomato

SuperSauce (Burpee) hybrid; enormous, Roma paste variety; weighing in at 2 lb., a whopping 5.5″ tall x 5″ wide

Cuore Di Bue (Territorial)- heirloom, large, ox-heart tomato, great for sauce

Amish Paste (Johnny’s) – organic, heirloom; classic paste tomato; sweeter taste than other paste tomatoes

Rutgers (Hudson Valley Seed)- organic, heirloom; the famous Campbell’s Soup variety. Good for slicing, sauce or canning

Blue Beech (Johnny’s) – organic, heirloom, sausage-type, 8-10 oz paste tomato; well adapted to northern climate and resists blossom end rot 


Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (Johnny’s) – organic, large beefsteak fruits are the color of port wine with metallic green stripes and weigh 8 to 12 oz. Its excellent sweet flavor was put to the test against Cherokee Purple and was preferred every time. Customer favorite!

Brandywine (High Mowing) – organic, “very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy,” the large fruits, often over 1 lb., have a deep-pink skin and smooth, red flesh. 

Dad’s Sunset (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange/Baker’s Creek) – organic, large orange slicer; 10 oz; disease resistant; produces into fall. One of my favorites!

Cherokee Carbon (High Mowing) –organic; dusky purple 10-12 oz beefsteak tomato developed from a cross between Cherokee Purple and Carbon

Paul Robeson (Baker Creek/Hudson Valley)- organic; at the top of the heirloom list of favorites; named for Paul Robeson, this plant will yield perfect 3″ – 4″ fruit 65 days from planting; dark red with green streaks

Green Zebra (High Mowing) organic; reliable and delicious heirloom, produces 2 ” round fruits which are ripe when green with yellow stripes, (limited supply)

Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom (Tomato Growers) – organic, sweet, clear-yellow, globe-shaped fruits of the beefsteak-type, weighing up to 16 oz.

Ananas Noir or Black Pineapple (Baker Creek) – New; organic; The multi-colored, smooth fruit (green, yellow and purple mix) weighs about 1½ lbs. The flesh is bright green with deep red streaks.


Early Girl (Mountain Valley) – Meaty, ripe red fruits; 4 to 5 oz; ready in 60 days; indeterminate

Beefmaster (Mountain Valley)- large, meaty red tomatoes that weigh over 1 lb. each. 

Chef’s Choice Red (Totally Tomatoes) – 2018 AAS Winner 9 to 10 oz. bright red beefsteak

Chef’s Choice Black (Mountain Valley) – 2019 AAS Winner, 8-10 oz beefsteak with dark green, brown and black hues; good disease and crack resistance.

Martha Washington (Johnny’s) – organic, heirloom-quality pink slicer with a more reliable plant; 8-12 oz globe-shaped fruit

Beefsteak (D.M. Ferry) – large, 2 lb. red tomato with heirloom flavor


Tiny Tim (Hudson Valley) – Dwarf tomato plant; produces 1” cherry tomatoes; excel in sunny window boxes, picnic table centerpieces, and pots on city stoops.

Galahad – (Johnny’s) AAS 2020 winner. organic. Early disease-resistant; highly- productive, determinate beefsteak

Celebrity (Johnny’s) – AAS 1984 winner. medium sized, globe-shaped fruits are crack-resistant, disease resistant and average 7 oz.; semi-determinate plant grows 3 to 4 feet

Orange Hat (Baker Creek)- extra-dwarf bush plants grow just 6-9 inches tall and produce lots of tiny orange tomatoes; perfect for the patio

Dwarf Emerald Giant (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange)- developed by Craig LeHoullier (Epic Tomatoes); tasty, bright green fruits, 6-16 oz; some fruits have a pink blushing on the bottom when ripe on 2-4 ft. plants

Note:  Find out more about each variety by googling the seed company in parentheses next to the variety. 

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