Hello My Friendsss!

It’s me – Miss Hiss! Stick out your tongue and smell the sweet scent of summer! Oh wait, your nose is better suited for smelling right? I have heard that if a human sticks out their tongue and attempts to breathe in through their nose and mouth at the same time, it’s similar to how a bear smells the air. Are you trying it right now? Did it work? How does the air smell/taste? You might need to practice; I can only imagine how silly you all look right now!

Get outside and enjoy this lovely weather as much as you can! This is truly my favorite season. The best
way to enjoy it, my friendsss, is to get out there and explore with all your senses! When I get outside
during a warm summer day do you know what is my favorite thing to do? Sun-bathe on a nice big rock.
It is truly the best especially if you are a reptile like me! I’m cold-blooded dear ones. Do you know what
that means? It means I need the heat from the sun to regulate my body temperature unlike you warm-
blooded creatures! Hope to see you all outside soon!
Miss Hiss