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Nature Inspires Art

Guests to Baltimore Woods have a unique opportunity to enjoy nature both outside and inside.

John Weeks in the GalleryThe Baltimore Woods Art Gallery celebrates nature from a variety of artistic perspectives with five distinct exhibits each year, September through May. The gallery is located in the Large Program Room in our Interpretive Center and is open to the public during operating hours with no admission charge.

With the exception of the Student Art Exhibit which is held in May, all of the artwork is for sale. A portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of artwork goes to support the mission of nature education at Baltimore Woods Nature Center. For more information about the gallery, contact the gallery coordinator, Karen Jean Smith, at

Currently in the Gallery

“Flight Patterns”

“Monarchs Realm”

“Hope Floats” 

Backyard Serengeti

Paintings by Ellen Haffar

March 1 – April 26

Public Reception: March 2, from 2-4pm

About the Exhibit: 

Have you noticed?  There are far fewer fireflies in our backyards than just ten years ago. The monarch butterfly populations are in serious decline, as are native species of bumblebees.  Artist Ellen Haffar draws attention to concerns for these little beings in an exhibit of paintings titled, “Backyard Serengeti”.

“The energy of insects and the dioramic spaces discovered in a garden, a meadow, or a hedgerow inform my compositions and layered surfaces.” states Haffar. “Dynamic and full of vibrating life, my paintings seek to capture the complexity and richness of invertebrate species and their ecosystems.” Haffar lives and works in the hills of Pompey in upstate New York. Her work is often infused with color and nearly always influenced by nature and a sense of place. She holds degrees from SUNY New Paltz and Syracuse University. Her work has been exhibited extensively and is held in collections both nationally and internationally.

Looking Forward

Student Art Show

Coming in May 2019

Previously in the Gallery

“Uncommon Views”
by Jack Kurz

Drawing on Talent
Member-Artist Show

Oil Paintings by Robert Niedzwiecki

Natural Passions
Photography by Diana Whiting
Drawings by Gail Norwood