By Becky Wilson


What does spooky mean to you?

The cold feeling that creeps up your spine, causing goosebumps and shivers up your neck and through your mind.

Perhaps it is an old abandoned house?

The loud crashing sounds (you later realize) caused by a mouse.

The cackle of a crow, sounding witchy and low?

Or forest at night, glowing eyes peering,

Oh, what a fright!

Is it Jack’s toothy grin, gazing at you in the form of a pumpkin?

Howl of a coyote, growl of a dog?

Or the way your vision is obscured by an evening fog?

Perhaps nothing about this time of year spooks you,

Not even the sticky webs of spiders or ghosts that go boo?

Perhaps a black cat or a big hairy bat?

What does spooky mean to you?