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This will be our last chance of the year to glimpse the elusive planet Mercury. We’ll also get a view of a crescent moon, plus Mars, Saturn, and Uranus. The winter regions of the sky will be rising in the East, and the area surrounding Orion has more bright stars than anywhere else. Back up date: November 10th. For all ages. $6 members; $9 public.

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NOTE: Because of the unpredictable weather, we will host an indoor workshop if we can’t view outside. Come, stay warm and dry, and learn about the upcoming winter skies, what can be seen there, and how to use both a telescope and binoculars for night viewing. If you have either, and want some pointers, bring it! If we get a clear window to observe, we’ll set up some equipment outside and have a look at the sky. If it’s CLEAR at 5:30, we’ll be set up in the parking lot and try to catch a glimpse of Mercury to start. If it’s cloudy, the program will start at 6:30 inside at the nature center.