Nature’s Little Explorers: Late Winter/Early Spring Series

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March – April:  Late Winter/Early Spring Series   10-11am

March 8, 9 – Snowfleas, Stoneflies, and Spiders

It’s amazing who is out walking around on the snow this time of year! We’ll go for a hike to find snowfleas, stoneflies, and spiders and try to figure out what they are doing being out in the cold.

March 15, 16 – T is for Trees…and Tea?

Trees give us a lot of things, but did you know that some of them make tasty and healthy drinks? We’ll make some pine needle tea over a fire, and some sumac lemonade, too!

March 22, 23 – Sweet Day in the Morning!

We all know March really only means one thing around here – maple syrup season! Let’s head out to the sugarbush and see how the sap is flowing, and get a sweet taste of some fresh maple syrup.

March 29, 30 – Duck, Duck, Goose!

Listen up! The birds are starting to come back! This week we will take a look at ducks and geese to see how they are different and the same, and then go for a walk to welcome the birds back.

April 5, 6 – Blue Jays, Crows, and Ravens!

These bird brains are nothing to laugh at! We’ll learn all about these wicked smart birds and play some games to understand just how smart they are…or just how smart we are…

April 12, 13 – Let’s Make a Kite!

Windy days in April are great for a homemade kite! Using some simple materials, we’ll make our own kites and take them out for a fly.