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May- June Session: Lifestyles of the Early Settlers    10-11:30am

May 2: Essentials of Making Fire

Fire was central to the first settlers in New York. The ability to make a fire and keep it burning would have meant the difference between life and death. This week we will learn all the basics of building a fire.

May 9: Campfire Cooking

There’s really nothing quite like a hot meal cooked over a fire. This week we will explore some campfire cooking techniques and make some tasty snacks to enjoy.

May 16: How to Not Get Lost

In a time of few roads and deep forests, it was easy to lose one’s way. Heck! Lots of people still get lost outside today! On our hike today, we’ll explore how to get found, and how to not get lost in the first place.

May 23: Nature’s Remedies

Pioneers knew a lot about wild herbs and natural medicines to help will all kinds of life’s ailments. This week we’ll explore the woods and herb gardens, and make a little wild medicine kit of our own.

May 30: Pioneer Toys and Games

Who said life had to be all hard work? The early settlers had lots of fun games and simple toys to keep them entertained. This week we will play a few games and make toys in the pioneer tradition.


June 6 Candle Making

With no phones, no lights, and no motor cars, the early settlers had to have plenty of candles on hand! We’ll build a fire and make some hand dipped candles that will provide cheery light on the darkest of nights.